Protecting the institution southland built.


We all stood up for SIT. We were heard, but not listened to. We’ve got one last opportunity to have our voices heard and changes made to the Reform of Vocational Education legislation.

Support the protection of the Southern Institute of Technology.



SIT is a major contributor to Southland. With its enviable Zero Fees scheme, it brings people from all over New Zealand to the region for a quality education and this in turn strengthens the region in many ways. SIT strengthens community diversity, enriches communities, supports the arts, culture, sports and a robust local economy. We need all these things to ensure Southland is a great place to live and work.

The Government’s proposal for the Reform of Vocational Education puts all that at risk.

The reform outlines several significant changes, but the most concerning is the merging of New Zealand’s 16 Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs) into one centrally-managed institution. This includes SIT.

This is a catastrophically bad idea for several reasons. Can you imagine a centralised model for education being able to effectively meet the needs of its regional students? Neither can we.

Stand Up For SIT has been borne out of a shared frustration and incredulous reaction at this ill-considered proposal. Spearheaded by Market South’s Carla Forbes, the Stand Up For SIT campaign is designed to show central Government and Education Minister Chris Hipkins that the Southland community are willing to fight for this precious asset and community pillar that is SIT.


What Can I Do?

Submissions on the Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE) have closed and Education Minister Chris Hipkins has since announced a dire outlook for SIT. We’re now looking to lobby MPs, politicians and people of influence to ensure meaningful changes and assurances are written into the RoVE legislation which protect SIT and the role it plays in the Southland community and economy.

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