What Can I Do?


Make yourself heard, make yourself seen, but most importantly, submit! We need your thoughts, opinions and even solutions – every bit helps!

“You don’t need to write a formal submission or limit your feedback to the questions asked – any and all feedback, written and verbal, will be taken into account as the Government makes its final decisions.” - Reform of Vocational Education consultation discussion document

Well that’s good, because we don’t believe that what the Government initially put out (a 20+ page document with almost 100 questions) was an effective way of gauging community feeling and response. Who has time for that?! We’ve noticed since the Stand Up For SIT campaign started, the Reform of Vocational Education website has since clarified its wording to warn people that “this survey contains a lot of questions!” and that you can answer as little or as many of them as you’d like.

We’ve made it simple from the get-go. We can’t put words in your mouth, but if you let us know how you’re feeling about the ITP merger, we can let central Government know. We’ll be putting together a submission on behalf of the people of Southland which will be sent to the Government as part of the consultation process.

Fill out our small submission questionnaire below  or click here for a printable version (hyperlink copy)– it’s super concise and will only take you about five minutes!

Here’s the link to the Government’s submission site, should you wish to have your feelings known that way.

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Show your support

Bumper stickers, wearing a Stand Up For SIT t-shirt, putting a sign in your shop or office window – there’s heaps of ways! Attending public meetings about the proposal throughout the consultation period, visiting your local MPs – no matter their party affiliation – and writing letters to your local newspaper are also great ways to engage.